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Old Fort Baptist Church has been searching for a North American city to establish a partnership. Once we establish work in one city, our dream is to continue adding cities until we are engaged in all 32 SEND cities. But before we work with all, we had to choose one to be the first. Our desire was to find a city where God was clearly at work, but had plenty of more work to be done. Baltimore is that city.


In Baltimore, there is much work to be done, and able bodied leaders with vision to turn the city into one rich with the Gospel presence. The city is just one year removed from the murder of Freddie Gray and the rioting that followed. With Ron from The Broken Wall Project, we are engaging a part of Baltimore where the idea of leaving the neighborhood for a weekend is a foreign concept, and playgrounds used by schools have boarded off portions due to dangerous conditions such as nails hammered into the bottom of slides. Here is a city that is hurting and longing for the peace that passes all understanding.  At Old Fort Baptist Church, we stand up alongside those already on the field and proclaim Jesus as Lord.


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