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How to Turn the World Upside Down - Tony Merida


What if the path toward an extraordinary life is becoming more ordinary?


Ordinary is not a call to be more radical.  If anything, it is a call to the contrary.  The kingdom of God isn't coming with light shows, and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service.  Tony Merida wants to push back against sensationalism and "rock star Christianity," and help people understand that they can make a powerful impact by practicing ordinary Christianity.


Through things such as humble acts of service, neighbor love, and hospitality, Christians can shake the foundations of the culture.  In order to see things happen that have never happened before, Christians must do what Christians have always done.  Christians need to become more ordinary.  Let's think together about how we, ordinary people, doing ordinary things, might turn the world upside down.


EQUiP - Spring 2015 - Session Dates:

April 12 - May 17



$10 for Study Guide.  Study Guide is highly recommended.



"Most gospel ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality." - Steve Timmis and Tim Chester



Study Guide $10
04/12/15 - 05/17/15

Session 1: Everyday Justice

Session 2: Neighbor Love

Session 3: Kingdom Hospitality
Session 4: Care for the Vulnerable

Session 5: Courageous Advocacy

Session 6: God-Centered Humility

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