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EQUiP - Intersect Series

Christ, Culture, Church, and You
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Our Values: Life


The year 2015 will be remembered for the radical shift made to the culture in America.  No longer are we living in the 20th Century where Christianity and culture are able to walk hand in hand.  We have entered a new era where we are witnessing racial tensions, the legality of same-sex marriage, the government financially aiding in the aborting of hundreds of babies daily, etc.


No longer do we live in a culture where we can assume that the person standing next to us in the grocery store understands Christian values, or has even heard of Jesus Christ.  Just as some commit themselves to leave their homeland and enter an unfamiliar country for the sake of the Gospel, our culture more than eer reminds us that we also live in an unfamiliar culture and have been called to be missionaries where we live...whether we live in Tanzania, or Summerville, SC.


So how do we react as the culture around us radically walks away from Christian morality?  Like the title of Russel Moore's new book, how do we move onward with engaging the culture without losing the Gospel?


Join us Sunday nights at 5:30pm to experience a transformative series like no other.


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1. What are some specific ways we can love our neighbors as it commands in Matthew 22:36-39?


2. How does the organization of the church hinder in loving our neighbor?


3. What is the relationship of the gospel message with a social concern?


4. Why is it so difficult to intervene in our neighbors' lives, even though we know they are in need?

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