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Charles has a heart for discipleship. From preaching to gospel-centered conversations, from teaching at University to leading small groups, Charles has heeded the call to "Go therefore, and make disciples..." 


His thoughtful expression and intentional approach to the scripture are evident in his preaching. Charles views the Bible as authoritative and the whole of scripture as beneficial to the Christian. His excitement for God's Word, love for people, and desire to make disciples can be felt in his messages. 

Biblical Truth Podcast

For those looking to go deeper into God's word, Biblical Truth is a weekly podcast dedicated to teaching God's Word in context to strengthen the kingdom perspective of believers. Featuring Biblical teaching from Pastors and leaders at OFBC. Together we will grow in God's Word to share in God's world—a rooted Studios Production.

Listen and subscribe to hear Charles teaching through the Old Testament.


In addition to being a full-time pastor, Charles teaches at Charleston Southern University as an adjunct professor. Charles often teaches one or two classes per semester -Old and New Testament. He enjoys being given the opportunity to teach Bible to the next generation.


Explore various writings from Charles McCallum.

Image by Patrick Tomasso
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