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Pray for Vietnam this May #SC15

Friday night Old Fort Baptist Church was able to participate in its first Secret Church, hosted by the President of the International Mission Board, David Platt, and Radical. The event began with the leaders of the event have their lives threatened the morning before Secret Church was set to start. Due to the threats, the church was forced to be evacuated, and David Platt was forced to teach from a secret location.

A part of each Secret Church is an exposure to a persecuted people group and the challenges they face. Friday night the focus was on Vietnam (the 18th most persecuted region in the World for Christians in 2014). A challenge was set to pray for Vietnam for 31 days, the entire month of May. If you were unable to attend and get a printed copy of the prayer document, here is a link below to access a PDF form. I invite you all to join us as we pray for God's Word to be proclaimed and for His people to be bold, protected, and have opportunities to share His glory!

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