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Care for the Vulnerable: How the Father's Children Love the Fatherless

EQUiP - Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down - Session 4

Care for the Vulnerable: 
How the Father's Children Love the Fatherless

Branch Rickey was the president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers when Jackie Robinson broke racial barriers and became the famous number 42, the first African American player in the major league. In a powerful scene from the film 42, Harrison Ford as Rickey explains why he was willing to go to the mat and endure hardship on Robinson’s behalf. In college ball, the best player on Rickey’s team was African American. He was eventually broken by the overwhelming racism and Rickey regretted never standing up. Rickey explains in the film that he ignored it then, but that a time had come when he could no longer do that.

Why don’t believers speak up more faithfully for the racially oppressed, poor, orphan, enslaved, vulnerable, and unborn? There are many reasons ordinary Christians remain silent while injustice reigns.

IGNORANCE: Some believers simply don’t know or haven’t been taught about the issues or the best ways in which to exercise their voice.

APATHY: Some believers have grown calloused and complacent when confronted with the reality of injustice in the world. They have been lulled to sleep by the evil one, living with no sense of urgency.

FEAR: Some believers shrink in fear of men, circumstance, consequence, and even the idea of taking responsibility and failing or being hurt in the process.

DESPAIR: Some believers have surrendered to a complete loss of hope and a defeated attitude that screams, “Why try?” Despair differs from heartbreak, grief, or empathy. Those emotions can drive action while despair snuffs out passion.

Speaking up for the voiceless is part of the ordinary Christian discipleship process. We must take advantage of the privilege and take seriously the responsibility to speak wisely, compassionately, and prayerfully.


Excerpted from Ordinary. © 2014 Tony Merida. Published by LifeWay Press®. Used by permission.

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