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Drink Coffee, for the Glory of God!

During my years in seminary, I had the opportunity to meet, study under, and walk alongside many incredible men of God. One such man, Dr. Tracy McKenzie (photo on right, with wife Beth), introduced me to the Hebrew language, and partnered with me in church planting for a season. Mary and I learned many things from him and his family during our time in Wake Forest.

Over the last several years, while continuing to serve faithfully at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and in the local church, Tracy's side project began to grow exponentially - Back Alley Coffee Roasters.

This company is doing great things and giving the glory to God through their NET:50 program.

As our nation celebrates the idea of drinking coffee and goes searching for that free cup today, or makes a trip to that place that is donating a tree for every cup of coffee purchased, consider investing your coffee drinking in to something that matters: God's mission. Back Alley Coffee Roasters coffee is the real deal, and is continuing to grow.

Buy a bag or two and donate to missions while getting your coffee fix today on #NationalCoffeeDay.

Go check them out at

Give them a follow on

Twitter: @backalleycoffee

Facebook: Back Alley Coffee Roasters

Oh, did I mention Tony Merida and Imago Dei

Church have partnered with Back Alley Coffee Roasters

as well? Small world!

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