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Arise & Go Week 4 - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for Arise & Go: God's Mission in Jonah Week 4

  1. Sinclair Ferguson writes, "How little we feel the burden of the Word of the Lord, so that its weight is concentrated on fundamental matters. Our God-given task is simply and directly to teach God's Word and truth to our contemporaries." Describe ways that you can live your life doing ordinary things with Gospel intentionality.

  2. Reflect on the last evangelistic conversation you've had. When was it? How did it go?

  3. Do you sometimes find your actions expressing a belief that someone else is not worthy to receive mercy from God? Kevin Youngblood writes, "At times God's mercy appears to allow injustice, perhaps even encourages injustice. It is at those moments that believers struggle most with the implications of God's mercy. Mercy toward one's enemies is the first imperative of the gospel for the simple reason that that is what God did when he took the initiative in reconciling sinners to himself by sending His Son." Romans 5:10 acknowledges that we were once enemies of God that have been reconciled. Identify someone that you have considered an enemy and begin to pray for that person and for your interaction with that person.


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