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Arise & Go Week 5 - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for Arise & Go: God's Mission in Jonah Week 5

  1. We see in chapter 4 that Jonah is still out of step with God. Inevitably, we too will find ourselves out of step with God at times. List spiritual disciplines that you use, or could use to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

  2. In Exodus 34:6-7, we see God listing 7 qualities of His nature. Read through this text and reflect on how these qualities are beneficial for us as His creation.

  3. The story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-31 is often used to celebrate someone who has strayed from Christianity and returned. Just as important as it is that we learn from the brother that strayed and returned, the brother that remained faithful to his father and yet was bitter at his brother's return should also be a warning. God is clear that all people deserve a chance to receive His mercy. Identify someone or a people that are most difficult for you to accept that they are created in God's image and worthy of God's mercy.

  4. In America, we desire to hear stories with happy endings. However, in Jonah, the story ends unresolved with Jonah still not in step with God. His story is unfinished and has the opportunity to reconcile with God or run away from God. Like Jonah, our story has not ended. How will you use the time given to you in the rest of your story to impact the world for the sake of Christ?


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